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"I.I.Expertise" is a progressive European expert institute, under the auspices of which the leading experts from all over the world gathered. In I.I.Expertise, modern technologies and methods for conducting expert examinations are involved, and thanks to cooperation with laboratories and the use of the latest equipment, the Institute conducts complex large-scale expert examinations of increased complexity.

The main distinguishing feature of "I.I.Expertise" is a combination of many years of professional experience of experts and a modern high-tech approach to conducting expert examinations.

I.I.Expertise conducts a wide range of examinations both at the request of individuals and legal entities within the framework of pre-trial settlement of disputes, as well as by decision of state and commercial arbitration courts. The geography of the I.I.Expertise's activity covers the EU countries, the post-Soviet countries, the USA and the UAE.

The peculiarity of I.I.Expertise is the conduct of international expertise by a commission of experts, which includes specialists from different jurisdictions.

Together with the European Arbitration Chamber (Brussels, Belgium), having developed a new mechanism for resolving disputes in pre-trial order, "I.I.Expertise" became a pioneer in conducting so-called "expert mediation". Thanks to this instrument, counterparties can include an expert clause of "I.I.Expertise" to the contract, and in case of a dispute, the parties may solve it by conducting of independent expertise. Examination, which is conducted for the parties in accordance with the expert clause, thus, is the basis for the mediation procedure.


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